West Side

It was nearly a year ago that I had thoughts of moving to a new location. I had spent two years praying, waiting, and trying to pursue the purchase of our old building.


I had begun to realize that God may have not been answering my prayers for a reason. I had researched the building, had a full inspection, dug up records, prayed daily and felt like I had done everything possible to make it happen. I truly felt like that corner on Main was meant to be mine. Still to this day I would say it is the best corner on Main.

Trying to be a smart business woman I decided I should look at what the market had to offer. I had been told that to move any farther west would be shop suicide. Being hard headed I decided to look west. Two blocks west to be exact. The day I walked in I fell in love with what use to be a three story brewery, Union Brewery, and was remembered by locals today as the “Westbecker Building”. It was nothing more than an empty warehouse of concrete, brick, rock and awesome wood doors that you could drive tractors through. Every girls dream, right?

(this was the building before catching fire in the 1800′s)

Needless to say it has been almost a year since I started dreaming big and we are now in the remains of this beauty and quickly approaching the 4 month mark. Little Golden Fox is constantly evolving and my dreams keep changing. I have learned that it is scary to dream big but life is short and I plan to make the most of my time on Earth.  I will make plenty of mistakes along the way that will only cause me to grow. I will live fearlessly.

I hope you will enjoy the pics of our new space and if you are passing by stop in and see what is happening as we shape the store up for fall. I have plenty of room to grow and pray I utilize every inch in a way that blesses those around us.